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From its foundation in 1945, the Community Association has been governed democratically from within its membership.  As a registered charity (since 1962) we have a governing body of trustees who are elected annually at the AGM. You can see a list of the current trustees here.

The constituent members of the Association are:

Each of these groupings appoints representatives who cast their votes in the elections and other general meetings of the Association.

The Board of Trustees meets six times a year. They are supported by committees who oversee the routine management of the Centre, the management of the Barn Theatre, and the various fundraising initiatives.

At least twice a year, an open meeting - the Forum - is held to provide information to everyone with an interest in the work of the Association, to gather feedback about activities and developments at the Centre, and to consult about the future.

Further information can be found through the following links:

Day-to-day management of the Centre is carried out by our small team of office and caretaking staff,

who are pleased to deal with questions and enquiries.  To get in touch, please see our contact page.