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Privacy policy

In summary

Southwick Community Association (SCA) offers this website as an information resource for the public’s benefit. We are firmly committed to maintaining the privacy of any legitimate user of the website.

If you have any queries or concerns or questions about your use of this website, please have a look first at our terms of use page. And if you would like to ask us anything about how we handle user information, please get in touch with us at

While we aim to maintain proper security of our own website, please be aware - as a general precaution - of the open nature of the internet. Data may flow over networks which do not have adequate security measures, which means that data can sometimes be accessed and used by people other than for whom it is intended.

Personal information

SCA’s website does not ask users to input any personal information (for example, through on-line forms). We do invite users who have any questions about our facilities and activities to get in touch via an e-mail link to our enquiries point. Please be assured that we make all reasonable efforts to keep our e-mail channels secure and that we observe legal requirements and good practice about keeping e-mail data secure.

Because our website is a community information resource, it provides links and e-mail addresses for the many organisations which hold participation activities at our Community Centre. Other community organisations and services may, for instance - like the Barn Box Office - ask you for information in order to join a newsletter circulation. So please be aware that SCA is not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites, organisations and voluntary networks. In other words, please exercise your own discretion and caution in your decisions about using other websites and about providing personal information by e-mail.

Tracking and analytical information

This website uses tracking software to monitor how visitors use the website, to help us improve the way we offer information to the public. This involves the use of ‘cookies’. Cookies are small files of information which save and retrieve information about visits to the website - for example, the route by which users entered the site, how they navigated through it, and what information was of interest to them. Such cookies identify the user simply as a number. If you choose to do so, you can disable cookies on your computer by changing the settings in the relevant ‘preferences’ or ‘options’ menus.

SCA’s website uses analytical software provided by Google Analytics, which uses cookies to track visitor usage. The software saves a cookie to the hard drive of the user’s computer in order to track and monitor use of the website. However, it does not store, save or collect personal information. For further information you can read Google's own privacy policy here.